The "Portugal Story" Project came to life out of my fascination with Portugal .

My personal experiences and discoveries I would like to share with my guests. The beauty and uniqueness of this country ,the sun, the wine, the ocean…. It’s just a few of many "treasures" that made me fall in love and become incredibly fascinated with Portugal. My idea is to show it to You from a different side, undiscovered and still virgin, not like what You get offered in the regular travel agency. The offer designed for Your needs- it’s what i care about. My goal above all is creativity and new approach to tourism. Thanks to my personal experiences  I’m able to show You Portugal in absolutely original way. Since I've been leaving in this beautiful country for last seven years, I can offer You attractions, that the regular tourist is not able to experience.

I’ll gladly organize unusual customized stay for individuals interested, whole families, small groups of managers, integration trips. I’m capable of setting up various forms of recreation in this beautiful country, from those typically relaxing- on small wild beaches hidden from the regular tourists, hidden in the "designer" hotels and the quarters of the Portuguese aristocracy, to the active forms of recreation in the wild parts of this extraordinary country. Unique Portuguese wines are considered a pride of the wine-cellars of any self-respecting wine connoisseur.

Obviously those are Porto or Madera, but also delicious Portuguese wine Moscatel or Vinho Verde. Thanks to rare strains of grape, preserved only in Portugal, wine produced here are like any other. You can find any place else in the world… I want to invite You to the best and oldest vineyards in Portugal! I hope they can fulfill all Your dreams and desires.

See You in Portugal!