About me

marcinMy name is Marcin. I’m going to be Your guide around Portugal.

I've been leaving in Lisbon for last seven years and for last three of them I’ve been working as a guide, translator, and tour operator in this magical and still a bit undiscovered country. Since I've been a child I've used to come to Portugal and with my parents and my sister Marta we got to know this extraordinary country, and without even noticing we fell in love completely.

Since I remember Portugal was a special place for me. The closeness of the ocean, the stories in between the lines of fado music lyrics in a small tavern in Alfama, fresh fish and sea-food, breath taking views from Cabo da Roca, and Portuguese warmth and hospitality cause that You always want to come back to Portugal. Lisbon is most probably the only European capital where You can find almost small-town tranquility. The variety of the neighborhoods, their friendly atmosphere , and the local patriotism form the amazing mosaic of Lisbon. To thoroughly pass on my fascination with Portugal I try to understand the needs of those who come to visit me. Therefor I try to get to know Your interests, expectations and passions for making Your stay the most of it. My goal is tourism adequate to Your needs, trust me, I know what I’m doing.

Romantic weekend in a small hotel by the ocean, the music siesta in Lisbon, and very popular lately- wine-tourism, so everything that has to do with wine. Or maybe a yacht close by the coast of Algarve. Portugal offers infinite attractions, adventures, and amazing memories. I’m sure that Your stay is going to be magical and unforgettable .

I can guarantee that You will fall in love with Portugal. With my help You’ll get to know Portugal different than in any guide-book.

Marcin Martinho